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8 Awaited Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Published: Jan 18th, 2018

8 Awaited Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Now that we have bid adieu to 2017 and pretty much settled into 2018, the outsourcing industry is on its upward graph now more than ever. With companies seeking skilled professionals out of their home countries, India is still leading the outsourcing charts, closely followed by China and Malaysia.

With Outsourced Business Process, companies not only invest in building a brand in another country, but also invest their trust and faith in its employees.

Why do companies outsource?

Cost effectiveness, enabling core business functions and solving capacity issues are primary drivers for outsourcing of any service. Leading organizations use outsourcing to bring change and improve business results tremendously.

8 Outsourcing Trends to Watch Out for:

  • Chatbots- the new Customer Care Executive: Chatbots are basically a service which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (Al), this service is used to interacts with the general public via a chat interface. Here a human being can have a live interaction with a machine without even realizing the same.

    According to recent Juniper research papers, it suggests that Chatbots will have saved around 20 million dollars by the end of 2017 in customer service and might go up to 8 billion dollars by 2020!

  • Outsourced Data Entry Services: Outsourcing tedious tasks like data entry and indexing helps a company save energy, manpower and most importantly save data entry budgets! With outsourcing data entry to a company that specializes in data entry, you not only save time, but also get customized services that suit your organization with scanning, processing, indexing archiving and reporting. A definite raise has been seen in this trend and is likely to go up in the years to come.

  • Data safety and Security: Data safety and security has taken a front foot in any industry to protect any critical customer and their data from breach or cyber theft. An outsourcing organization that aims to be fully operational on data entry and security should have encryption and secure servers in place.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: With the raise of Artificial Intelligent and Robotics Process Automation (RPA), more companies are approaching outsourcing services that can help implement AI and RPA with their current systems. Emergence of RPA has created cost deferential in the outsourcing sector as industries are moving towards smart cost cuts and automation.

  • Inbound/ outbound support (call center): With new products and services being launched in the market, comes the need of a customer support that can represent and handle any queries or grievances related to that product. With new modules in support like semi automation (IVR) the strain on a call center employee has gone down tremendously, thus being able to deliver quality service in a stipulated time.

  • New modes of communication: The Digital World: With the age of billboard and hoardings advertisement declining, the wave of Digital marketing is washing over the new generation of trend setters and entrepreneurs. With social media marketing, SEO, email marketing taking over the traditional forms of marketing, industries have moved on to outsourcing these services to experts in this field to get the best possible result. This trend will definitely have an upward scale in 2018.

  • Cloud Computing: As Cloud services increasingly become an essential part of business, it is a known fact that data storage will grow exponentially in the 2018. Outsourcing firm with better security features to face hackers, enhanced quality, and better customization solutions will be the leaders in the race of Cloud Computing outsourcing services.

  • Freelancing and Independent resources: 2018 will also see a raise in independent or freelance resources from all around the world. With special skill set, increased exposure and connection via social sites, freelancing is no longer a hobby or a part time option for individuals. By making use of these resources organization can benefit on factors like Cost, Experience and Time.

Key Takeaway: With outsourcing in an exponential growth in 2018, partner with us to with the skills needed. At Outsource Dataworks, you will access a team of individuals with special skill sets, engineering, research and analysis. Services like back office support, Customer support, software development and healthcare help your business grow with reduced expenditure and improved productivity with outsourcing.


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