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A leading business events company based in UK partners with Dataworks to create mailing lists on an on-going basis.

A leading business events company based in UK partners with Dataworks to create mailing lists on an on-going basis

Client Details

A leading business Events Company based in UK specializing in conferences, workshops and promotional events catering to retail, financial, technology, hospitality, pharma and education sectors.

Project Objective or Need

The client struggled with contact lists every-time a new event was to be organized, because of the diverse range of industries they operated in and for the success of each event it was necessary to contact the right audience. Hence, they were looking for an outsourcing partner that could help them create the mailing lists on a continuous basis.

Key Issues addressed during the Project

We had to face a lot of challenges, before we could successfully complete creating the mailing list for every project. It required great attention to detail. For each event, we were only given either a list of company names, titles or LinkedIn profiles. However, we had to dig through or forage the web or internet to collect other information such as the Job Title, educational qualification, industry experience, email id, phone number etc. We had to assure the validity and accuracy of the data collected as well.

The Strategy we adopted

We made sure that the mailing list was completed in an efficient manner, making sure that the data collected is valid and accurate, without any duplicity, errors or missing details. We also made sure to deliver the successfully completed project within the specified time with the help of our:

  • Dedicated team of 4 members of trained internet researchers for web research.
  • Hundreds of websites, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.
  • Extracted data from the various online and offline resources available for use .
  • Data collected and entered into the excel spreadsheet.

Result we delivered

We made sure to deliver the successfully created mailing list in a quick turnaround time, thus catering to the client requirement. We also ensured that the mailing list data was accurate and updated.

By partnering with us our customer could concentrate more on other aspects to make the events successful for their customers.


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