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Managing electronic (M)SDS libraries is a daunting and time consuming task. We at Outsource Dataworks offer a complete MSDS management solution from acquiring the latest (M)SDSs from the manufacturers to indexing the required data into the electronic systems, thus helping organizations to keep their (M)SDS libraries updated with the latest versions.

Our high-quality services are available for competitive prices, add to that a customer-centric approach, and you have a reliable partner to take care of all your (M)SDS management needs. Outsource Dataworks has been acquiring the latest updated msdss and indexing the data into the electronic systems for over 7 years now.


Oustource Dataworks an MSDS Management Company, works with some really big names in the (M)SDS management services sector. Working with us has helped our customers gain access to our carefully developed and perfectly executed MSDS management solutions.

(M)SDS Obtainment/Acquisition Services

We acquire the latest MSDS from the original manufacture of the product either by doing a web search or directly contacting the manufacture via email, fax or a phone call. We make sure the MSDS libraries have the latest versions of the (M)SDS by updating the (M)SDSs on an on-going basis. We have consistently achieved an overall MSDS obtainment success rate of 80-85%.

(M)SDS Data Entry Services

Our team of trained professionals enters data from an (M)SDS into the client software based on the guidelines provided. The quality of data entered is very important hence we follow a 2-level quality check process to make sure the quality standards are met. We can capture and enter various fields from product name, Ingredients, hazard properties, Tier II information etc. Please get in touch with us for a complete list of fields we are capable of indexing.

(M)SDS Translation Services

We understand how important material safety data sheets are and its wide usage across the globe requires extensive translation into various languages. Henceforth, translation services have been incorporated in our (M)SDS management services portfolio.

We currently provide MSDS translations into French, Spanish and German languages

(M)SDS Authoring Services

We provide authoring/creating, auditing, writing and updating your (M)SDSs in compliance with the global EHS standards.

What to expect from us with regards to your (M)SDS Obtainment and Indexing Projects:
  • (M)SDS obtainment success rate of over 85%
  • High level of data accuracy
  • On time project deliveries
  • Effective handling of sudden surge in (M)SDS volumes.
  • Multi-Language capabilities - (M)SDS Acquisition and indexing capabilities in French and Spanish languages.


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A leading provider of (M)SDS management solutions partners with Dataworks to help update 20-year-old (M)SDS collection.


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