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A Leading E-publishing Company in the US Approached Dataworks with an Aim to Cut Down their Data Conversion Cost

A Leading E-publishing Company in the US Approached Dataworks with an Aim to Cut Down their Data Conversion Cost

One of the leading e-publishing companies in the US had approached Dataworks, as they had huge volume of data to convert, as they published a lot of content. They wanted it to be done quickly and cost effectively.

Client Details

An established e-publishing company in the US, who publish bi-weekly magazines

Project Objective or Need

Since they were an e-publishing company, handling the huge volume of data conversion requirements were beyond their capacity. It also left them with lesser time to focus on their core function, which is publishing. Hence, they planned to outsource their data conversion requirements to a reliable service provider.

Key Issues addressed during the Project

Meeting the requirement, also gave rise to interesting challenges along the way. They were looking for speedy results, along with software development, which would be compatible with the varying technological setting. Some of the key challenges that we addressed are given below:

  • Since the publication was a bi-weekly, the company was running on strict time- table
  • Quality analysis and stringent measures were taken to ensure that data quality was maintained
  • Since, e-publishing had to reach out to a wider audience, the content had to be optimized and customized so that the content would be compatible with various platforms such as Kindles, iPads, Calibre, IPod and even mobiles
  • The files were mainly in word, txt or PDF formats and they had to be converted to XHTML, epub format, etc.

The strategy we adopted

To ensure that the project would be completed in time and in a very cost-effective manner, we adopted certain strategies. Take a look at what they are:

  • Ensuring customized and quality service, we provided access to a team of professionals, skilled both in mobile and tablet publishing
  • We also consulted the clients to gain an in-depth knowledge of their requirements, specification and feedback, so that we could offer customised solutions thus catering to customer satisfaction
  • We also provided trail runs, so that the e-publishing could know how we would cater to their requirements
  • By tagging and linking suitable contents, we abolished the tiring procedure where a table of contents is linked and manually merged to the right location within an eBook, thus ensuring a seamless and accurate read
  • The staff was trained to adhere to the required quality standards and deliver quality services within the stipulated time
  • We had to be adaptable to modifying the codes as per client requirement, even mid-way through a project
  • We delivered a customized solution, which would be adaptable to a wide variety of platforms such as with Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Reader, MobiPocket, Stanza and so on

Result we delivered

Other than delivering quality content within the requisite deadline, Outsource Dataworks also focused to deliver the service at cost effective rates.

  • Outsourcing the data conversion services to us helped the client to save the expense that they would have to bear if done in-house. We helped them to cut back the data conversion cost by almost 55% less.
  • We adhered to the strict timelines, dedicating about 3 hours a day to the project, thus ensuring successful completion, catering to the deadline. However, we ensured that there was zero scope of quality issue.

It was thus seen that the client, who was deeply satisfied with our dedication had greater expectation with our outsourcing services, and signed up with us as a long term partner.


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