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A leading Insurance company leverages outsourcing for fast and efficient claim processing.

A leading Insurance company leverages outsourcing for fast and efficient claim processing

Client Details

The Client is a leading General Insurance Agency with about two decades of experience in the market, offering a wide range of customized insurance solutions for the customers.

Project Objective or Need

With the insurance applications and forms piling up at the agency, they had need for a back-office team that could process huge amount data and details available from these applications and forms, thus ensuring valid data entry services of the insurance forms, so that they could speed up the insurance claims processing for the customers. The company was seeking a back office team that could also verify and update the insurance applications and forms.

Key Issues addressed during the Project

Analyze the data on the applications or forms to process and ensure valid and accurate data entry services. It requires great attention to detail and adherence to complaint regulatory standards. At the same time, it was required that the claims are processed and data entry of insurance claims completed within the specified time limit without compromising on quality, so that the claims could go through without hassles.

The strategy we adopted

We focused on providing the most valid and accurate forms processing and insurance claims data entry services in the most efficient manner.

To ensure timely and efficient delivery of the project, we undertook these steps:

  • We made sure that our team of experts was fully focused on delivering quality service to the client, so as also to make it more quick
  • We made sure to convert the relevant data into multiple digital formats, as is required by the client, so also that it can be easily accessed and edited or modifications made.
  • We assessed the information available so as to ensure error free and accurate insurance claim data entry aiming to deliver quality service
  • Our team of experts had enough training to understand the information or data that needed to be captured from the hard copy of insurance applications

Result we delivered

With our top notch insurance claim data entry experts and customized end to end solutions, we cater to your requirement delivering premium quality Insurance Forms Processing and Medical Claims Data Entry services. We helped the client to increase the productivity as well as cut down on the total expenses.

At the same time, outsourcing the service to us helped the client to establish trust with their customer delivering quality service on time, thus positioning them as the leader in insurance industry.


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