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Best Industry Practices for Data Conversion in 2018

Published: Feb 15th, 2018

Best Industry Practices for Data Conversion in 2018

With the online industrial revolution there has been an increasing demand of data migration from one database to the other, but with this migration arises the need to convert data in such a way, that it is compatible with the recipient’s database.

With Data being relocated or duplicated on various platforms, it is not necessary that every other platform is compatible with the same programming language as the provider. Here the need of a data conversion arises.

With proper data conversion the following can be ensured:

  • Conversion of data to the format of the recipient

  • Compatibility with the new database

  • Retaining original quality of the data

Which format of data is popularly converted?

Even though Data conversion has a wide range of scope when it comes to programming languages, the frequently ‘converted to’ data format are as below:

  • HTML

  • XML

  • PDF

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is a programming language in which text, images, audio or video become linked in a non-sequential manner that permits the user to browse without following the sequence in which they were originally coded.

Why use an HTML Conversion service in your Business?

  • Simple Functionality: HTML is a globally accepted programming language for formatting web pages and is relatively simple to understand and control.

  • Compatibility: HTML is compatible with most development tools, thus making it the most widely used platform among its peers.

XML: The Extensible Mark-up Language or XML; is a guideline of rules to create a custom mark-up language. The purpose of an XML language is to allow the sharing of data across different systems, primarily via the Internet.

Why use an XML Data Conversion service in your Business?

  • Standard format: XML is an international standard of programming and is an open-standard.

  • Multiple data types: XML allows documents to include any possible data type, from image, video, and audio, to active components Java applets.

PDF: Portable Document Format or PDF; is a file style created by Adobe Systems and is a popularly used format in businesses.

Why use a PDF Conversion service in your Business?

  • Authenticity: On converting a file from another format, the PDF file that is generated retains the authenticity of the original file even post changes.

  • Security: With the conversion of file into PDF, the option to edit is not possible; hence any data which is important cannot be changed or tempered with, once converted to a PDF format.

Key Takeaway: Outsourcing a data Conversion task not only gives you the option of a customized conversion service, but also allows you to access a cost effective and reliable service any time required. At Outsource Dataworks, you have unlimited access to a team of experts, who are well versed with best-in-industry conversion practices and delivers in time, always.


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