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Challenges faced while managing ecommerce catalog

Published: May 10th, 2017

Challenges faced while managing ecommerce catalog

Online shopping as you can see is the norm nowadays with more and more people opting to make purchases online not just for clothes or electronic items but for groceries as well. This is where, ecommerce catalogs can help, because a well-managed catalog that is attractive and interesting can help bring in more customers for the online store.

However, managing an ecommerce catalog is not without its challenges. Let’s take a look at some of them here.


Faulty Product Data Entry or Photo Editing can be very messy and result in unreliable catalog if not careful. You might need to pay proper attention and update the catalog when required, which can be a tiresome and time consuming work.

That’s why many companies opt to outsource the service rather that doing it in house. Even then, catalog management is filled with challenges, which has to be met.

Regular Product update

Every Ecommerce store whatever be the product that they deal with, have to go on continuously updating their product data with SKUs. The catalog should be updated consistently. When new products are added or the product list is expanded, then as well you would need to update the catalog with latest details and product descriptions.

Selling across various channels

If you sell across multiple channels, getting your product listed simultaneously in multiple channels is a challenge. Be it multiple branded sites or ecommerce sites, getting your product listed is not easy. Each also has their own rules and regulations to follow. If you follow the same method to get it listed across multiple channels, you’ll find that it is not possible. If you have the skill and expertise for it then you can get it done without hassle.

Managing Supplier data

It is often seen that the product details given by the supplier is not up to the mark, with various details and data such as product features or other vital characteristics missing. Even the format could be messed up in some. If you wish to get more customers, suppliers would have to comply with the standards of the store, thus listing the product or giving out the information in the format they normally do.

Keeping data quality consistent

While managing the ecommerce catalog, the data is also equally important. It also needs to be accurate and consistent throughout. There’s no room for spelling errors, missing details, wrong descriptions etc. Handling huge volume of data entered into excel sheets or ecommerce platform can be daunting and time consuming. Hence, there is need to maintain the standard to cater to the clients demanding rich, accurate and consistent product details and descriptions.


You can thus conclude that outsourcing the service to an expert outsourcing company that can handle all these challenges efficiently and smoothly while you focus on your core responsibilities as well as growth can help lead your business to success, competing against rival companies.


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