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Common mistakes to avoid in Ecommerce product data entry services

Published: Sep 12th, 2017

Common mistakes to avoid in Ecommerce product data entry services

You might have seen how product data can in fact be a crucial aspect for ecommerce stores driving their success. It is seen that very often accurate, precise and interesting product data attracts more traffic to the site. Hence, you would have recognized the need to avoid mistakes, when it comes to product data entry services.

Despite all this, ecommerce sites are prone to make mistakes during entering product data details on the website. Let’s look at tips to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Ecommerce stores should never overlook the significance of data:- Unique product descriptions are used not just to drive traffic to the site but also for SEO purposes. It is not as easy as it seems to write original key word rich interesting descriptions without copy right issues. Hence, it is essential to comprehend the significance of data and how to enter it in accordance to the online store strategy so that it can drive better sales. They should also see how inaccurate product data entry could be disadvantageous for ecommerce sites.

    Now, for example if you were a furniture retailer, you along with your competitors would be using the same data from the manufacturer. At the same time, to stand apart from your competitor, you can come up with creative ways to make use of the installation docs, specification details, tables and diagrams etc., creating unique product descriptions. You can make use of about five to six unique selling propositions of the product to better enrich the product data entry.

  • Some ecommerce stores tend to put up lesser product images:- In the meantime, same as product data entry or description, the image of a product on the ecommerce site is equally important to attract the target audience to the site, urging them to make purchases. By looking at the product details and the clear appealing images, the consumer will be able to decide better if a product would suit their requirements or not.

    In order to make an informed decision, customers should have access to a wide range of pictures rather than few product images. Hence, Ecommerce sites should try to include loads of pictures, such as shots in different angles that offer a clear and better view of the product for the consumers, pictures of the products in all available color variants etc.

  • Not giving proper product descriptions:- If you are a retailer, avoid copying the product details as it is found on the merchant websites since it is seen that search engines better appreciate new and unique product descriptions.

    Get the required details and get innovative or creative as you enter product data details, thus ensuring that your product data entry with the features, specification, tables, include options information in description, SKU, warranty included can be made more unique and appealing to customers. Incomplete information will often leave the customers frustrated and chance is that this could lead ecommerce sites to lose out on customers.

Key Takeaway: Thus, from this one can conclude that for product data entry services to be effective, product data should be creative and accurate by avoiding common mistakes that happen while entering product data. Product data should also provide all the information that a customer would seek from an ecommerce website. To get the best possible service, you can also seek to outsource product data entry services thus ensuring accurate and unique product data, aimed to attract traffic to the site.


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