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Data mining from internet helps produce more business leads?

Published: May 12th, 2017

Data mining from internet helps produce more business leads?

Mining for data or collecting information from the internet and other online or offline resources, so that you can use it to strategize for better business growth is the norm, nowadays. From the internet, you can glean out information or data related to whatever you are seeking, that could suit your business requirements ranging from documents or graphics to audio, video files, addresses, email addresses, company information, employer and employee contact information etc.

This could in turn be helpful for businesses to generate leads, which they could later on convert to sales or profits.


Web data mining, in the meanwhile is a method via which you can search throughout the various online resources thus gathering crucial data or information that could help your organization to generate leads, thus leading your business to growth and success. Now, data mining is not just about gathering information but it also helps to make informed decisions or arrive at a business strategy regarding its growth based on the information collected so far. You can also make use of some tools and technologies or even regular web search abilities to gather this information.


Analyzing the Basket

In this method, you can collect data from the information that is filled in at online store while making the purchase, such as information from the credit cards, via the use of telephone pattern, insurance fraud claim details and so on.

Forecasting sales

This is info collected after the sale, by looking at what the customer bought and predicting when they would make a purchase again. You could also be looking at the prospective list of customers forecasting how many of them would actually make the purchase. For this, you would have to go by the options given between realistic, optimistic and pessimistic predictions.

Database marketing

From the list of database created, the things that the customers bought as well as looking at all the related information collected, you can also manufacture products that would seem to have good sales. The information collected could be via questionnaires, surveys, sales, subscriptions etc.

Analyzing Call Record Details

From the telecommunication calls, you can extract the relevant data to see the procedure or pattern and thus go on to set up the customer profile, thus helping you generate better leads and also help enhance with the profit.


Thus, you can conclude that with all the data and information collected from the customers, you can serve the customers better catering to their varied needs, thus helping you grow your business to better success. This can all be done with the help of proper and thorough data mining from the various online or offline resources as is suited. For accurate data, its best to outsource data mining to a professional data mining company.


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