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Businesses need accurate and reliable data to gain an edge over there competitors. Data mining and extraction’s recent relevance is due to the increasingly competitive nature of global business market. The age old saying of information is power is significantly more relevant in today’s dynamic economic structure. Businesses require extremely accurate and vast amounts of information on their markets, consumers, competitors, changing trends, seasonal trends, behavioral trends, in order to create strategies and acquire an edge over their competition.

We at Outsource Dataworks help you overcome your need for detailed and comprehensive data, which is needed to acquire the edge to supersede and outperform all market competitors. Our expertise and experience in the field of data mining and web data extraction services enables us to excavate the relevant data from thousands of web pages, social networking sites, industry publications, business directories etc. and provide our customers with information that possesses a high degree of readability and relevance, through standardized formatting.

Turning to a professional data mining company in India like us can help you speed up the process to gathering the required information from various online sources and gain insights about the market, your competitors, the latest trends relevant to your products, and more. With the help of data analysis and reports, you will be able to make informed and timely decisions that will help you improve your bottom line and increase your market share.

Our Data Mining Service Includes:

  • Data mining from social media
  • Data mining from websites
  • Searching and collecting contact details
  • Mailing List Creation
  • Image Data mining
  • Postal address validation
  • Email extraction
  • Lead generation information
  • Market and price research and analysis
  • Competitor business analysis/ research
  • pdf data extraction
  • Internet Data mining services

Why us for Data Mining services?

Outsourcing data mining services can help you save time and money. Our team of professionals has a proven track record of providing only the highest quality of data mining and management services. We customize our services according to your requirements, and get you the data you need to make the next big decision related to your business.

When you have huge volume of data to analyze, finding the relevant information buried in it can be laborious. We help you mine out the most relevant and useful data from the available sources successfully, in a very convenient and simple way and deliver it in required format such as CSV, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF etc.

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Assured cost reduction
  • Quick-turnaround
  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Customized solutions


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