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Steps to keep your data protected from ransomware attack

Published: June 20th, 2017

Steps to keep your data protected from ransomware attack

In this day and age of internet, when almost everything gets done online cyber attack is also the norm with the biggest among them being the WannaCry Ransomware attack that happened on 12th May 2017. At the start of the attack, almost 200,000 machines were infected at one go.

Ransomware first operates by locking away your documents and files on the computer asking for ransom of huge amount to get it released. The amount would go up as you keep putting off paying the ransom.

Spam emails and malicious virus could be spreading along even as I type this. Well, there is however ways by which you could protect your data and system from Ransomware attack.

How to go about it?

First off let’s take a look at how it spreads around so easily. Spam emails with malicious attachments are one way it spreads or if in case there is some security vulnerability in your software. Downloads, SMS messages, botnets, the reasons are many. Well, now that you know how it spreads let’s take some precautions to protect your data and system.

Start by not storing any important data in just your PC or laptop. Always have a backup ready. It would be good if you have 2 backups of your data.

Make sure to keep your software and operating system updated with the latest security updates. You can check to see if you’ve left the Drop box or Google drive on by mistake as it could be open to ransomware attack if left on.

Some even go to the extent of turning off macros in your office and excel sheets as well as activating the plugins for adobe software or Java as when it is required only. Outdated plugins and add-ons are also removed.

Make sure that your system is protected with the latest anti-virus installed having the automatic updating module activated on it. Consider advanced malware protection. You could set up the internal network firewall. It is better to verify extensions or attachments before clicking on them.

It’s always better to avoid checking on suspicious emails and pop ups. You can always check to see if the email of the sender is legitimate or if it appears genuine.


If you consider these steps you should be safe from the attack. However, if you have already been attacked, it is best to disconnect from the LAN/WAN so that it does not spread to other systems. You can also approach a data recovery professional to see what else you could do.


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