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Effect of smart technology on Data Entry procedures

Published: Nov 21st, 2017

Effect of smart technology on Data Entry procedures

With the advent of technology, you also see rise in the use of equipments like smart phones, accessories, smart home technology, machines or industrial equipment etc., which also generate a huge volume of data. Managing these data is going to be very challenging for businesses and is seeking for better ways to handle it all effectively for various processes.

Data entry is another major aspect for any data and you can see that the launch of smart technologies such has Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Smart Data, and Cloud Computing make use of applications that go on to improve as well as modify data and the analytics processes.

Hence, to make way for these smart technologies, you will see that the data entry methods or procedures will undergo modifications and will be made better in a lot of ways. Data entry will now be a lot quicker, more profitable and safe, leading to smooth functioning of data and analytics operations.

How will smart technology impact data entry?

AI, machine learning, IOT and cloud computing are some of the smart technologies used, which will go on to influence the data entry speed and accuracy, thus leading to lesser errors, also going on to replace the more obsolete manual data entry processes.

Let’s take a look to see how these technologies impact the data entry processes:

Internet of Things (IoT): It helps to develop a network of data connecting people with devices, internet and businesses. There are sensors fixed on to smartphones or tablets connecting to the internet and producing data. It is seen that IoT helps to boost the number of sources for data, thus resulting in the data entry to be mobile via location based.

AI and Machine learning: With the launch of these technologies, data entry processes have become more quick and responsive, while also focusing on its security. It is believed that automating the process, helps to reduce human errors via effective management. Machine learning has the skill to identify the pattern in data, thus increasing the data accuracy and quality in the data entry process.

Cloud Computing: This service enable service providers to deliver data entry solutions, which are scalable and agile.

Meanwhile, also see how these technologies can improve the data entry processes:

  • It is seen that launch of these technologies will facilitate a more precise and user friendly approach to these processes.

  • Automated data entry processes generates better quality data with less errors

  • It enables quick data entry process, managing huge volume of data captured from invoice forms, hard copies, digital files etc.

  • It gives access to a more streamlined and convenient data entry processes, which helps the human component, making it more user-friendly

Key Takeaway: Here, you will see that businesses will be able to generate new opportunities and also benefit from better accuracy, quickness and scalability of data entry processes that are enhanced by smart technologies.


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