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How a good Property Research is Beneficial for your Business

Published: Mar 6th, 2018

How a good Property Research is Beneficial for your Business

Why is Property Research necessary?

When you are part of a real estate business or an owner of a property, you need to know the market in which you are investing your hard earned money. By conducting property research, you are not only ensuring that your property or the property in which you are thinking to invest in is safe, but also establish the value of the property in the current market scenario.

It is necessary that you methodically organize the relevant and validated data collected from property documents. This can be done for you by a good property research service provider while you can look forward to other aspects of business.

Key Points Researched by a good Service provider:

It is essential that a Property Research service provider investigates the below documents so as to get a complete picture of the property and unveil any hidden complications or problems related to those documents:

  • Property document Research

  • Foreclosure Data Assessment

  • Custom Property Reports

  • Title Search Report

  • Owner and Encumbrance Report

These documents are the base of any good property research, they give you the history of the property from the time it is relevant for current documentation and possession.

Services provided by an Outsourcing Property Research Service Provider:

  • A service provider accesses the county recorder websites; pulling up documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, assignments, subordinations, modifications, Notice of Default, and Foreclosure judgement/Notice of Trustee Sale.

  • A dedicated team of experts in property research is assigned to work and monitor the task.

  • Researching on and cross checked these records with the ones that were submitted by the advertisers to ensure no false details are being advertised.

  • Preparing reports based on these records and updated it with latest records with reference materials attached.

  • Documenting the details of this research in a systematic format and highlighted the troublesome areas which required immediate attention for either re-evaluation by the advertiser or removal by our client from the App.

  • Uploading the data once completed onto the customized database built by our team of experts for the client.

Key Takeaway: When you outsource your property research requirements, you benefit the below features that are provided by a good service provider:

  • Low cost of operation

  • Time bound project

  • Best-in-class team of experts

  • State-of-art technology and software

With Dataworks, you get all the above features and more. Our customized service will ensure that you have the relevant information best suited for your requirement. We aim to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data after a thorough research of property documents.


How a good Property Research is Beneficial for your Business
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