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How a single Questionnaire can direct your Business Expansion

Published: Feb 1st, 2018

How a single Questionnaire can direct your Business Expansion

I’m sure you all have seen the ads that pop up on YouTube asking you which product or services you seen advertised recently on their channel (sometimes you answer and sometimes you impatiently skip to your video). By asking you to complete quick surveys, YouTube is experimenting with a method of gaining valuable consumer feedback as well as data! This kind of survey is called a Questionnaire.

A questionnaire survey is a set of questions specially designed for your product to gather information from an audience. It is the mode of communication and feedback between the customer and the seller, and therefore plays a central role in the development of a product.

What is the main objective of a questionnaire?

  • To analyze customer satisfaction

  • Scope of improvement

  • Re-strategize plans and products

  • Be up-to-date of the market trends

How is a questionnaire survey conducted?

A questionnaire is basically a set of questions on your service or product which is presented to your target audience. A questionnaire must focus on the topic of the survey but be as brief as possible. A good questionnaire has a smooth flow from one question to the next which facilitates the customer’s response in a smaller span of time.

With these set of questions and good promotional offers as rewards for completing the same, many small scale businesses are utilizing the power of surveys to better their products! These questionnaires with a good presentational value may be sent over email, social media platforms or even in person.

What is done with the data collected post survey?

  • Compilation: Once data pours in from various media’s, it is filtered as positive, negative and non-responsive. With this compilation, we have a clear picture of the total responses we have received and the popularity of our product or service in the market.

  • Sentiment analysis: An individual survey is never always negative or positive (Except if your product is that bad!). There usually is a factor or two in the whole product that may have caused the product review to be inclined towards the negative side. A sentiment analysis of a survey helps to understand which is the major factor that is bringing your product down as a whole.

  • Outcome: Once the analysis part of the survey is done, the next important factor that comes into light is the outcome. The outcome of the survey is the deciding factor of your product and service as a whole. Changes and modification can be proposed to the concerned department based on this survey which can help shape the future of the business.

  • Data security: The data collected over the period of the survey is very sensitive and important. Care should be taken to store this data with care and safety. Any outsourcing service that thrives to be the best should make sure they have a secure server in place for the same and once the project is completed, the data is handed back to the concerned party with no breach of conduct.

Key Takeaway: By conducting a Questionnaire survey, an organization or business not only benefits in terms of product assessment, but also builds a reputation among customers that they actually care about their opinion. With Outsource Dataworks Questionnaire/ Survey processing, you are assured of feedback for your business from customers that is both accurate and secure. Go ahead and benefit from a questionnaire survey today.


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