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How can we avoid manual data entry errors?

Published: Aug 22nd, 2017

How can we avoid manual data entry errors?

It is already been determined that accurate and valid data is a crucial part for most businesses, as it helps you to make insightful decisions and marketing strategies, which will go on to help businesses grow.

In the meantime, seeing as how most businesses have huge volumes of data to handle on a daily basis and adding to it the pressure of quick delivery, it is inevitable that manual data entry may be fraught with errors. Even automating the service may not be enough to mitigate the challenges involved in manual data entry services.

Tips to minimize manual data entry errors

Now, there are both pros and cons of choosing a manual data entry service. Let’s have a look at some of the tips offered on how to ensure the high accuracy of manual data entry services, while trying to minimize the errors occurring:

  • Ensure that the staff is not overworked:- If there are huge volumes of data to be handled, ensure that there is enough staff to handle the work and no one is overworked. It is often seen that an overworked person is more liable to make more careless errors. Hence, the workload should often be distributed evenly amongst the staff to ensure quality.

  • Double check the work delivered:- Make use of some standardized data entry procedures to ensure that the data entered is valid and accurate. Conduct regular checks to maintain the precision and accuracy of the service. Rectify the errors if you find any.

  • Automated services with timely updates:- Even in the case of automated systems, data accuracy could be a problem. Mainly if the systems have not been updated regularly, it might not be a good safeguard against malwares and viruses. Hence, for automated system to operate smoothly, it will have to be updated regularly.

  • Determine the source for data entry errors:- Data inaccuracy could be from an internal source or even an external source. Hence, first you would need to identify the source for error. After you have identified the error, you can analyze its movement across the various databases and then make the inbound modifications as required. This helps to rectify the errors more easily.

  • Maintain rigorous standardized procedure for data entry:- Now, when you have your data conforming to the rigorous standard process, it will ensure that the data is compatible with the required standards such as data profiling or geo-coding, linking, matching and data monitoring etc. It will also help to improve your data quality.

  • Set up realistic goals to achieve:- Now, if the company were to set realistic goals, for the data entry services to achieve then it would ensure more accurate and precise data. On the other hand, expecting unrealistic goals to be achieved will only add on to the errors.

Key Takeaway: Thus, you can see that by adopting these tips on how to minimize the data errors and also by choosing to outsource data entry services if required, businesses can arrive at informed decisions and marketing strategies that help businesses to gain that competitive edge.


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