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How to Choose your Outsourcing Partner

Published: Feb 20th, 2018

How to Choose your Outsourcing Partner

With the growth in private sectors industries, more and more businesses are opting to outsource parts of back office and front office support to countries that have ample manpower and lower cost of operations. India and China lead the outsourcing market closely followed by Thailand, Malaysia, etc. These countries boast of a strong backing of skilled workforce at a much cost efficient rate than their counterparts in the west, due to which companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM and many more have set up parts of their operations here.

If a business wants to focus on their core business and save time and money while doing so, then outsourcing is their best resort. But selecting the right outsourcing partner provider is not an easy task. A few guidelines to be kept in mind while choosing your outsourcing partner are as below:

Points to consider before selecting your outsourcing partner:

  • Know your requirements: Before approaching an outsourcing service provider, make sure that you know your requirements from the provider is documented well and conveyed to them accordingly. This will ensure that there is no miscommunication of information which can lead to bigger problems later in the project.

  • Cross check with other providers to know the best price: Make sure to compare the quotes of the service you require with at least two to three parties before choosing your service provider. Choose an outsourcing partner that can deliver quality service at reasonable rates.

  • Ensure quality of work: It is important to make sure that the outsourcing service provider can guarantee on time and accurate delivery of project assigned so as to not cause any issue in the future. If the company has an in-house quality assurance process that helps to determine errors and rectify it, it would be an added advantage.

  • Check on the professionalism of the team: A good outsourcing service provider will have an experienced and efficient team of experts with the required skillset and training to handle your project and cater to your requirements. Also ensure that you have access to these experts so that there can be direct convey of messages instead of an indirect access through a mediator which can cause wastage of precious time.

  • Make sure transparency of work is maintained: It is very crucial that there are no hidden agendas, or costs involved by the service providers and it is best to avoid such providers. Once you finalize on your service provider make sure you take a demo of the service you wish to outsource in the form of free trial option, so you can have a clear picture of the work ethics of the outsourcing company.

Key Takeaway: Choosing a right services provider will help to ensure transparency throughout the liaison. It will also ensure quality service in time, so that it can help with business strategy and growth, thus leading to success. At Dataworks, we took a stand to never compromise on quality, and thus we stand ahead of all our competitors. With services like Data Entry, Data Processing, Web Research, Transcription Services, etc. take our free trial today to get a demo of our efficiency and expertise.


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