How our clients achieved success

How we helped an individual pursue research through our audio transcription services

How we helped an individual pursue research through our audio transcription services

The client was an individual pursuing PHD who required professional assistance for audio transcription from Outsourced Dataworks for scientific and educational purposes. We delivered best audio transcription service with 99.5% accuracy.

Client Details

A PHD student working on a research project needed to submit the dissertation to complete the project

Project Objective or Need

The client was looking to outsource the Audio Transcription service to an Organization that would accurately type a good quality thesis with zero errors analyzing the data collected from various sources such as podcast downloads, audio recordings, interviews, conferences, seminars, lectures etc. so that he could complete the project and adorn the title of a doctor

Key Issues addressed during the Project

The research included interviews of various people, audio recordings or clippings on the subject, podcast downloads and so on. The data collected from all these needed to be transcribed efficiently and in a flawless manner. The biggest challenge was to meet the verbatim transcription demand, with even a minute detail clarified in a very short time span. The audio clippings or files of interviews to be interpreted was of low quality and corrupted. The audio files were filled with inaudible voices and unclear phrases. This had to be interpreted properly

The Strategy we adopted

For successful completion of the project, delivering quality service for the client, the strategy we adopted is given below:

  • We employed three transcriptionists who had expertise in the domain and subject of research for the purpose, so that the project would be completed on time.
  • We analyzed each audio file separately providing immediate feedback to the client.
  • We edited out, unless requested to, any verbal tic that made no sense or altered the meaning of the recording in anyway
  • Quality analysis team checked the transcription for accuracy.

Result we delivered

The benefits that the client received from our Audio Transcription services was premium quality verbatim transcription which is 99.5% accurate that helped in successful completion of the thesis within the fast turnaround time, exceeding the expectancy. We made sure to comply with the specific client requirements so as to proceed with research as originally intended without any added postponement or interruptions. The result was an exceptionally happy client who excelled in her research work & impressed her professors with a superior thesis.


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