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Importance of EBook conversion process and reasons to outsource it

Published: July 25th, 2017

Importance of EBook conversion process and reasons to outsource it

E-books are fast gaining popularity mainly due to the convenience of handling it, the cost as well as the scarcity of space to store hardback or paperback copies. Meanwhile, the launch of tablets, kindle and other eBook readers have only added to the popularity of eBooks. Hence, you can see the need for data conversion for eBooks booming.

EBook conversion process includes converting the hard copy format of any book into digital formats like, epub, html or pdf for the purpose of easy access, thus making it more convenient to read. The eBook conversion process chiefly includes processes such as print to digital copy, documents to eBooks, articles to eBooks, catalogues to eBooks, magazines to eBooks, Data to and from eBooks etc.

Benefits of eBook conversion

Now, there are some benefits of converting the data to eBooks. Below are given some of the advantages.

  • It comes in variety of formats

  • Can reach out to wider audience

  • Easier to revise, edit or update content

  • Easy storing, easy sharing and better accessibility

  • It helps to keep data more secure and protected

  • Makes it easier to search for content

  • More of Interactive eBooks options inclusive of interactive links, videos, graphics, animation etc.

Now, at the same time the entire process of eBook conversion is very time consuming and daunting. You would first have to scan the hard copy or the resource to collect the data, then it would have to be organized or formatted properly and then you would have to convert the relevant data into the required digital format.

Why should you outsource eBook conversion services?

In the meanwhile, we have already said how data conversion process can be tiring and costly. Hence, if you are looking to cut down on the organizational structure or operational costs, you can consider outsourcing the eBook conversion services. Benefits of this are as follows:

  • It helps to save up to 60% of the cost for the data conversion process

  • No need for capital investment to access resources

  • Cut down on operational and overhead costs

  • Quick responses and on time delivery

  • You get more time to focus on your core responsibilities

  • Access to skilled professionals with hands on experience of eBook conversion projects

  • Use of modern technologies and strategies for data conversion process

  • Access to reliable, cost effective and high quality data conversion services

Key Takeaway: Here, you can see that data conversion is needed for eBook, so that it can be easily accessed and transferred across systems without much hassle and how the process can be simplified by outsourcing the service to an efficient data conversion service provider.


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