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Importance of photo retouching services for ecommerce companies

Published: June 15th, 2017

Importance of photo retouching services for ecommerce companies

You would be familiar with the idiom of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This becomes more evident as you see customers being wooed by the picture of the product on a catalog for an ecommerce company.

An attractive and clear picture on an ecommerce catalog can really be of help in making a sale for the company. Quality of the picture is also of great importance here.

Customers, normally before making the purchase would like to have a look at the product picture from all angles. Though a challenging aspect, product images can be used to help the customers explore the products, exactly the same way when they visit a physical shop.

The lighting, background, camera angle, tone and aura of the image all add to enhance the product photo. Ecommerce companies have thousands of products listed and all of them would need to be retouched or edited to give them this edge that is required. It is a tedious and time-consuming job requiring specialized skills.

Why companies choose to outsource Image editing services?

Now, some companies may choose to do it in house. However, apart from the time they spend on it which they could otherwise have used to focus on their core responsibilities, it is also very costly, especially for those ecommerce companies that are based in the western countries.

Keeping this in mind and realizing the importance of a quality product image to woo the customers and the time and work that it requires, many ecommerce companies have decided to outsource this to an Outsourcing company, which has the required skills in photo editing.

An attractive clear photo helps to influence the customer’s purchase decision. It also adds credibility for your business. It is also seen that a major part of the customers visiting an ecommerce site make a purchase purely based on the product photo on the site.

However, finding the apt outsourcing partner is not that easy. Let’s take a look at some factors that you would need to consider before outsourcing this service.

Tips to look at before outsourcing product photo editing services

Do proper research and consider your requirements before outsourcing the service to a suitable image editing service provider. You can ask for referrals or look at portfolios before confirming. At the same time, there are other factors to consider.

  • Timeliness and precision is of importance. We will have to consider if the image retouching and photo editing service provider will conform to the delivery time without any compromise to the quality or expertise of their service. They should deliver the best possible results in the best turnaround time.

  • Cost is another important factor that influences your decision in confirming the outsourcing partner. It should be flexible and should be able to adjust to higher volumes of product photos accordingly.

  • Inefficiency will cost you money. Be sure that the team of photo editing professionals has expertise and knowledge to deliver the finest quality images.

  • Make sure the service provider has sufficient hands on experience dealing with Image retouching and enhancement services, so that they deliver good quality clear pictures.

  • Quality check process should be in place. The outsourcing company should excel in meeting the needs of global customers. They should strive to deliver consistent results across the project and process that you have hired them for.


Considering these factors will ensure that the service provider is proficient in doing the job and will help to drive more customers to your ecommerce site by assisting you with all the back-office support required to edit and retouch product photos and make them look great.


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