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Learn From Your Competitor on How to Outsource Data Entry Services

Published: Jan 11th, 2018

Learn From Your Competitor on How to Outsource Data Entry Services

Businesses generate a lot of documents or data, and getting it all sorted out and entered correctly to the database, can be a tedious job. One would rather focus on something else, but to disregard data entry process, just because its time consuming is a sure fire way to ensure inefficient business operations, leading to less growth and sales for the company.

At the same time, many may also refrain from outsourcing data entry services, mainly because of data security concerns or cultural differences. However, have you wondered how it is that your competitor is successfully outsourcing all their data entry services? What is it that they are doing right?

Check out your competitors and analyse, on what they are doing to ensure efficiency and success by outsourcing data entry or could also be what to avoid doing, while outsourcing the service:

Tips to learn from your competitor in choosing your outsourcing partner

  • Competitors look for level of customisation offered by the outsourcing partner: Data entry is a vast subject and it could vary based on the industry and their business requirements. Hence, obviously, most successful companies would prefer outsourcing to a partner that provides the expected customisation level, catering to the customers various business purposes.

  • Competitors go with outsourcing partners that have tools to monitor their process: It is obvious that a competitor who has gained from outsourcing their data entry have mainly looked at service providers who provide access to tools or technologies to monitor or track their process, as it helps them to spot the mistake from early on and rectify the errors. They should also be willing to accommodate urgent modifications and emergencies, if and when required.

  • Competitors may be looking for service providers armed with stringent data security policies: One of the major factors that could influence your competitor to outsource the project could be the strong data security policies that are in place for your outsourcing partner, thus ensuring that your data is protected.

Secondly, see wherein they failed and do different from what they did, so that you can overcome the obstacles or impediments, if any for successful outsourcing of data entry services:

  • Look for ways to bridge cultural or language barriers: Quite often, projects are outsourced to various countries, which may be following a different language or culture from you. But, you need not worry. Most of the reliable outsourcing service providers, based in countries like India have a team of professionals, who are fluent in English and are easily able to communicate with people of other culture, thus helping to further enhance the productivity of the business.

  • Look for ways to overcome delay in support and response: Outsourcing to countries with delayed time zones, could be one reason for delayed response. Be wise and choose an outsourcing partner who has a dedicated team of skilled professionals, delivering projects at your required time.

Key Takeaway: Thus, you can see here that outsourcing data entry services to a reliable and efficient service provider is the way to go to ensure streamlined operations and business success. At the same time, you should be smart enough to learn from your competitors, so that you will know what to follow or what to avoid, while choosing your suitable outsourcing partner.


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