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It is seen that hospitals and medical professionals normally generate huge volume of data such as hospital records, lab reports, medical documents, patient files, invoices, bills etc., which needs to be organized into a structured format for later use, when required.

Over time, you can see it has also become important to digitize medical data, so that it can be easily accessed, modified or updated, when required. But, as you can see the process of converting the huge volume of data such as medical documents, lab reports, invoices and bills can be time-consuming.

To simplify the entire process and to make it more cost-effective, the best choice would be to outsource the medical data entry services. We, at Outsource Dataworks ensure you a seamless process for data entry services such as medical claims data entry, medical billing, medical records data entry etc.

Data security and confidentiality is of utmost importance when dealing with important and sensitive patient information. Outsources Dataworks recognizes this and has achieved HIPAA compliance and follow the best practices to safeguard patient information.

Our Medical Data Entry Services include data entry of

  • Hospital records
  • Test or Lab reports
  • Surgery related documents/ reports
  • Medical prescription
  • Clinical/ health related records
  • Patient demographics
  • Payment Posting

Why us for Medical Data Entry Services?

With expertise and skillsets in the Medical data entry services, we cater to healthcare companies, hospitals, medical professionals, clinical, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance players etc. Maintaining the medical records and documents becomes an easy and convenient process, with our cost effective but quality service.

While assuring accuracy of the medical data or information entered, we also focus on flexibility of the service, catering to customized requirement of the clients. We provide efficient medical data entry services, making it easier for you to manage large amount of data helping you focus on superior patient care.

Our team of experts helps you manage and digitize medical data with:
  • 99. 5% data accuracy
  • Assured data security
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 60% reduction in cost
  • HIPAA Compliance


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