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Medical transcription services for a well-known doctor in UK

Medical transcription services for a well-known doctor in UK

Client Details

A well reputed medical practitioner in UK.

Project Objective or Need

A renowned independent physician based in UK was seeking high quality and accurate medical transcription services to be delivered within a short span of time. The time given for delivery of almost 120+ files was 24 hours.

Key issues addressed during the project

Meanwhile, transcribing the files or recordings of interactions with his colleagues or patients was fraught with challenges. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • The client needed recordings of his interviews with his colleagues as well as his interactions with his patients, to be transcribed accurately without any errors or missing information, so that it could help with his later diagnosis and treatments.
  • The turnaround time given for the quality service to be delivered was very short.
  • Meanwhile, the length of the files was all different ranging from 1 to 3 minutes or even 35 minutes for the lengthiest conversation.
  • It was difficult to follow the conversation and there was demand for the transcription to be done verbatim, thus capturing the essence of even the tiniest of details within the interaction, interview, conferences, etc.
  • There was need to comprehend the medical terminologies and phrases.
  • Inaudible or unclear phrases or conversations had to be properly and accurately interpreted.
  • Challenge was to deliver accurate transcription services within the short span of time, as expected without any compromise to quality of service

The strategy we adopted

We also decided to go through with these steps to ensure delivery of quality transcription services for our client, the medical practitioner:

  • We offered cost effective medical transcription services, catering to the customized requirements of our client.
  • We had the skills, resources and dedicated staff capable of handling the medical transcription project.
  • Our team of medical transcription specialists with expertise in handling huge volume of medical transcription projects, worked full time and was dedicated to delivering the service within the specified turnaround time.
  • We also separately analyzed each of the files to be transcribed, ensuring its validity, relevance and accuracy.

Result we delivered

We ensured that the quality medical transcription service we delivered to our client was 98.9% accurate verbatim, meeting the expected turnaround time. We offered cost effective quality service, catering to the customized requirements of our clients. Even with the stringent requirements, we exceeded client expectations, thus urging our client to come back to us for his further ongoing projects.


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