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Medical Transcription Services- how secure is your data?

Published: Sep 26th, 2017

Medical Transcription services- how secure is your data?

Medical transcription services, the process of creating patient records from the audio of narration of healthcare professionals of their interaction with patient should be handled sensitively and could also help to reduce the risk involved with patient healthcare procedure.

Patient’s interaction with healthcare professional is private and may deal with confidential and sensitive matter, which have to remain secure as its privileged information. It becomes a moral obligation to protect the patient’s data. Hence, while outsourcing medical transcription services, you will have to ensure that the service provider complies with the specific guidelines.

In the meanwhile, you can also see how outsourcing medical transcription services can be efficient, effective and economical in handling patient records, private patient details, even while focusing on data security and protection.

Tips to ensure data security while outsourcing medical transcription services

You have to take into consideration certain points, when you plan to outsource your medical transcription services:

  • First ensure that service provider complies with HIPAA/HITECH requirements

  • Has in place and employs stringent data security regulations and policies to avoid data breach or data leak

  • Secured way for document transferring

  • Ensure that the service provider makes use of protected server and high class encryption methods or protocols

  • Restrict access to digital storage device

  • Conduct all comprehensive rigid audit trails regularly

  • Staff handling medical transcription services is meticulously trained on HIPAA policies and regulations

  • Multi-level checks by professionals to avoid any errors or data loss

  • Ensure complete protection for patient health information by engaging experts skilled in administrative and security procedures

  • Reduce risk management process using HIPAA/HITECH complaint techniques

  • Ensure that medical records are created securely

  • Focus on protection and security of patient information using top security and confidentiality methods

  • Have in place measures to secure patient details by protecting people, process and technology

Key Takeaway: Thus, you can derive from the above tips, how complying with these points while choosing a professional medical transcription service provider can help health care professionals to minimize the risk management process involved, while also focusing on data security and protection.


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