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Myths about using web for research

Published: Aug 1st, 2017

Myths about using web for research

It’s the norm nowadays to go to the web, to look for answers on subjects that either interest you or pesters you. The World Wide Web is the storehouse of information on every subject. However, it does not mean that the web should be all and end of your research.

There are certain myths pertaining to using web as the sole source for research, let’s take a look at those.

Myths about web/internet research that needs debunking

  • Every single data is easily available on the web:- Well, though to a large extent most of the data maybe available online, the entire information cannot be completely availed from the web. To collect all the required data, it may require you to do thorough research via offline methods, check records, phone call, other offline documents, magazine, news clips etc.

  • Whatever is on the web is a fact:- Well it is not always so. Not everything that you can find on the web is authentic or valid. Like on Wikipedia, anyone has access to it and can make edits as and when they like to the information. Hence, make sure to check and recheck data before you collect it from the web. Analyze it thoroughly before using it for your business strategies. Some, manual research is needed to authenticate the validity and accuracy of data collected from the web.

  • You can find info on the web very easily:- Well, though online research may seem relatively more convenient than manual research of offline resources, it is not really all that easy. You will have to dig deep into thousands of resources and scan the data, ensuring its validity and accuracy.

  • Gathering lot of data is enough:- As you well know, in today’s world when almost everything is gone digital, there is a lot of information to be found online, via web and on social media. There is so much data that you may not be able to sort out relevant data easily. Hence, collecting a lot of data is not enough. It needs to be valid, accurate and relevant.

How to make the best of web research services?

Well, you have seen how we have already discussed about the myths of using web as a tool for research and how it cannot be considered as the only source and end of your research. You would need to know how to dig deep into the web to collect valid and accurate data, while combining it with traditional research methods to get the most relevant data that can help you to make informed business strategies helping your business lead to growth and success. Outsourcing internet research services to a professional web research service provider will help in such cases, as they have the knowledge and expertise in handling such projects.

Key Takeaway: You can infer from this that using only web for research may not serve your purpose completely. To extract most relevant data is also not as easy as you think. Professional internet research service providers with thorough expertise in handling web research services will be able to work around the myth, ensuring that the data delivered is most relevant for the business purposes, by combining the traditional research methods with web.


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