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A leading online ecommerce store partners with Dataworks for product data entry services

A leading online ecommerce store partners with Dataworks for product data entry services

A globally leading online ecommerce store was looking to outsource its complex data entry project. It required us to capture and process the data from the various catalogs that were available in multiple formats. At the same time, they were also looking for complete graphic support for their online catalogs.

Client Details

A globally leading online ecommerce stores with over a decade of experience in Cosmetics and Apparel retailing.

Project Objective or Need

Objective 1

The client was looking to hire highly efficient data entry specialists who would use original and keyword rich product descriptions. We qualified due to our expertise in capturing the product data information from the various multiple format catalogs and entering it into the spreadsheets accurately and successfully.

Objective 2

They also wanted total graphic support for the product images so as to better enhance it through our photo retouching services before uploading it online to the store.

Key Issues addressed during the Project

The chief point was that we had to collect the information from various resources and catalogs of multiple formats. We had to maintain the data quality while doing accurate and consistent data entry. They also required us to optimize the product Meta tags and titles as well as improve the product images with retouching and editing services.

We started by reconfirming that the resources from which we gathered the product data information was valid and accurate. At the same time, the product data list also had to comply with the standard regulations.

One other thing that we had to consider was that the ecommerce store had various categories of products and we had to ensure that each product description is unique. Some of the products, in the meanwhile carried the regular standard product descriptions or some not even that. So, it required us to create unique and interesting product descriptions for about 3000 products.

Along with the product data entry listing we also had to help the client to categorize the pictures efficiently and label it correctly online, in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, since the client was looking for image editing services, we had to help create high resolution photographs that served as a purpose to attract more traffic to the site and also increase the sales.

The project was time bound and there were deadlines to be met, while maintaining the accuracy of Data entry.

The strategy we adopted

To ensure that the data entry work was completed successfully and efficiently we deployed the best of our talent for the project giving them the required training to meet the client requirements.

To ensure quality and success of our work, the steps we followed are these:

  • We made sure to eliminate copies and errors from product data entry
  • We categorized the catalogs and product information so as to ensure error-free scanning and indexing of the data
  • We entered the data into the spreadsheet as per the standards and requirements
  • We also assessed the product data listing
  • We made sure to optimize the product meta tags and titles with the right keywords
  • Before we dispatched the final output, we again audited the file to any chances of error or inconsistencies
  • For graphic support project, we identified and removed the image defects resulting from the inadequate lighting, distracted photo background or bad quality shots

Result we delivered

Catering to the requirements of the client, we made sure to deliver quality service well within the time allotted for the same. We made sure that the client got a streamlined, well-managed and 99.1% error-free product data entry service, thus going on to leverage the business output and profit of the client. Our product data entry and image editing services went on to attract more customers for the ecommerce stores and we ended up signing a long term deal for providing product data entry and photo retouching services with the client.


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