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Outsourcing trends emerging for 2017

Published: June 13, 2017

Outsourcing trends emerging for 2017

Would you like to know what’s on the agenda for outsourcing, this year? With the increase in outsourcing integration challenges and more focus on security, you can expect some change in outsourcing process.

What with the Presidency of Trump in the US, added to it, uncertainty continues to loom for outsourcing industry both in the US and in other countries. Let’s see what’s in store for outsourcing, this 2017.

Security comes to the fore

Security and confidentiality of the data transferred and converted will be of major concern for the industry. With the rising risk of data vulnerability to hackers, businesses will continue to seek to strengthen it, fighting against internal as well as external threat. This could also result in more demand for localized data or locally stored data.

Intelligent Automated Robotics analysis helps cut down expenses

The Outsourcing process will adapt intelligent automated robotics analysis to help businesses cut down costs. Data automation is a vital part of outsourcing. This will bring better savings opportunities for your businesses; reduce direct costs and benefit suppliers and customers.

More expectations from Cloud based services

Cloud computing is no more a novel concept. Users now have more knowledge on what a cloud based service is and their expectations from it have grown. A cloud service that is not able to mature or meet the expectations of the user, now have no place and will be discarded as more and more users look to use cloud as the most essential platform for the latest internal or external initiatives.

It’s going to be bye for Call Centers

With the rise of intelligence automated chat bots and other self-service tools, you will soon see the call centers diminishing. Virtual workforce will take over and tech based communication centers will soon replace the traditional customer support call centers delivering custom solutions via social media, chat, SMS and so on.

Consolidation of Market

There has been major merger and acquisition activity in the IT and BPO sectors. The uncertainty and policy changes result in spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions and such leading to some businesses losing out. At the same time, those who are able to change with the market trends are able to survive and become leaders. As the numbers of IT vendors who deliver outsourced services dwindle down, it leads to better compliance with standards, reduced costs, enhanced output and efficiency

How to succeed?

Well, even if in fact things may seem feeble for outsourcing businesses it is evident that companies, which adapt themselves to the changing trends of the IT Development services and succeed in delivering services relevant to the changes will be able to withstand the insecurity or instability and emerge the winner.


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