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Photo editing and retouching for an online retailer based in Denmark

Photo editing and retouching for an online retailer based in Denmark

A leading ecommerce company based in Denmark entrusted Outsourced Dataworks with image editing and retouching services, seeking to enhance the efficiency of their online sales with attractive product photographs.

Client Details

One of the most popular Ecommerce sites dealing with sales of a wide range of branded apparels.

Project Objective or Need

The leading ecommerce company was on the lookout for an outsourcing service provider who would offer highly efficient, fast paced and error free image editing and retouching services for product photographs, ensuring more online sales and increased traffic for the site as a result of the visual impression of the products displayed to potential buyers. Their main focus in choosing the outsourcing partner was the limited turnaround time and 99% accuracy while editing and retouching photographs, whatever be the volume to handle.

Key Issues addressed during the Project

With increase in sheer number of photographs that required retouching or editing so as to make them more attractive, it was impossible to do the process in-house and hence the ecommerce company chose to outsource the photo editing service to us. We had to assemble a proficient team with expertise in handling image editing and retouching services.

We delivered reliable, efficient, scalable and experienced photo editing and retouching services to our client. Removing the foot shadows from some images was a challenge. We had to focus on creating high resolution photographs which served the purpose to attract more traffic to the site and also increase the sales of the apparels. We helped the client to categorize the pictures efficiently and label it correctly online, in the shortest possible time.

The strategy we adopted

We focused on processing or editing and retouching around 3000 photos on a monthly basis, while complying with the client specific guideline. We made sure that the photos were edited and retouched efficiently.

  • We had a team of trained professionals thoroughly prepared for the task
  • We identified and eliminated the image defects pertaining to inadequate lighting, distracted photo background as well as bad quality shots which would drive customers away
  • Optimized the quality of image by removing/replacing background, along with eliminating minute and fine details from the product photo
  • We worked to mask fine details such as wrinkles, creases, stains etc. to the apparel
  • We delivered compelling and high resolution pictures of apparels
  • We organized the professional images corresponding to the central theme of client’s site
  • We did image editing, color retouching, cropping, background editing, panorama stitching, photo clean up etc.

Result we delivered

By outsourcing their image editing and retouching services to us, the client could focus more on the core responsibility which is to increase the sales of their ecommerce site. We cut down the cost for hiring additional resources. The client was able to enhance customer satisfaction by portraying high resolution images of their apparels in the online catalogues with our help. We made sure that the final image was compelling, thus appealing to the prospective customers at subconscious level to make the purchase.

Our focus was to process about 3000 photos a month, while assuring the confidentiality and security with very limited turnaround time. With our flawless editing and image retouching we help ecommerce companies to attract more customers and also to rebuild their brand, leading it to success.


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