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Product Description Writing Services for a Leading Ecommerce Store

Product Description Writing Services for a Leading Ecommerce Store

A leading ecommerce store in UK selling consumer electronics approached Outsource Dataworks for Product Description Writing services. They were looking to engage more customers with the help of unique and accurate product descriptions.

Client Details

A leading ecommerce store in UK was selling consumer electronics including DVD players, video game consoles, digital cameras, camcorders, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, Mp3 players and so on. The site carried product details of almost all leading brands, however, over time the sales were reducing.

Project Objective or Need

It was seen that despite displaying brand leaders on their ecommerce site, the sales of products was sliding down. After analysing it was seen that the product description was very mundane and failed to attract the attention of consumers. There was nothing unique about the descriptions as they were just picked up as it is from the websites of the manufacturers.

Key Issues addressed during the project

  • There was a huge volume of products listed on the ecommerce website. There were about 20,000 products listed on the site and we had to re-write the entire products descriptions for all them. It had to make for an interesting read, while the accurate details and precise features of the products had to be conveyed in a unique way. The product descriptions that were completely copied had to be re-written entirely while, those were partly copied had to be edited and changes made accordingly.
  • Since, the list of consumer electronics were varied, our experts had to have domain knowledge of each of the product, so that they could write unique and accurate product descriptions. It also called for extensive research on each of the products, which was a time consuming process.
  • It had to be kept updated at an on-going basis.
  • At the same time, all the technical mumbo jumbo or jargons related to the features of the electronic products had to be put across in such a way that it was easy to comprehend.
  • Despite the tiring process, we had to deliver the project within a short turnaround time, without any compromise to accuracy and quality of data. The product description had to be crisp and interesting enough to engage the customers.

The strategy we adopted

  • We had a team of professionals who had expertise in handling huge volume of product description writing on various products dedicated to the project.
  • We made sure to analyse the complete product details and descriptions beforehand to see how much of it was original or different from that displayed on the manufacturer website. The team also were given support by researchers who gave complete details about the products enabling them to write engaging and unique product description.
  • We made sure that all the product descriptions were keyword rich, as required, so that it would rank well in Google search results
  • We had stringent data protection protocols in place to ensure the confidentiality of the product information.

Result we delivered

We adapted quality data management standards to ensure that product data entry tasks were completed on time and are precise, we had the data entries also validated by quality analysts. The product data description writing services were delivered efficiently and in quick speed, while also ensuring on its accuracy and quality. This along with improvement in Google ranking helped the ecommerce sites to boost their conversion rate.


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