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Should you outsource medical transcription services or do it in-house?

Published: Nov 30th, 2017

Should you outsource medical transcription services or do it in-house?

Medical Industry with the aim to cater to needs of their customers or patients often lack the time and resources to handle transcription services, which is also an important aspect for medical profession, same as for other businesses. Hence, they normally opt to outsource medical transcription to a reliable and efficient professional service provider who delivers quality service.

Consequently, we will take a look at advantages of outsourcing v/s opting for in-house medical transcription services:

When you plan to do medical transcription services in-house:

  • There is opportunity for direct communication with the transcriptionists for you and your staff, as well. You would be able to guide them better, in a way. However, you would need to have a dedicated person for the job, which could cost money and time.

  • You can make sure that the transcriptionist you hire is adhering to your standards of services. However, there is more possibility of getting better access to trained specialists with expertise in handling huge volume of transcription files, when you outsource.

  • You can ensure that sensitive data you handle is highly protected. It will be your responsibility to ensure data security during transcribing. If there is any data leak, you will be held liable for it.

Simultaneously, let’s have a look at the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services:

  • You will have access to well-trained professionals with expertise in handling huge volume of medical transcription files. There will be no need to spend money and resources to hire or train in-house staff for this.

  • You don’t have to spend money to set up infrastructure or tools for the purpose of transcribing medical files. You will have immediate access to services that employ the latest tools and methods for medical transcription.

  • You will cut back on the operational costs, which you would otherwise use for the purpose of doing medical transcription service in-house.

  • Seeing as there is a professional team with the experience in handling medical transcription, dedicated to complete the project, delivering it within the specified time without compromising on the quality of service will be easy. You can expect quicker turnarounds with better focus on accuracy, than if done in-house.

  • It will also give the in-house team more time to focus on their core responsibility, which is patient care.

Key Takeaway: It is evident from here, that outsourcing medical transcription service is a better option that doing it in-house, as the benefits of it clearly outweighs all of the disadvantages; especially if you choose a service provider who focuses on quality of service catering to your customized services and ensuring data security.


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