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Thinking of outsourcing – How to get 100 % attention from your partner...

Published: May 30, 2017

Thinking of outsourcing – How to get 100 % attention from your partner...

One of the earlier surveys had claimed that outsourced partner may not be giving you the 100% attention that you need, for the reason that they would be catering to several other clients just like you.

Hence, this article helps you to have a look at some regular ways by which you can recapture the attention from the outsourced partner, to the level that is most suitable for the services that is being offered to you.

In many cases, you might have encountered trouble because the expected data and output is not compatible, the reason being lack of understanding about the requirements. If that is the case, the client is equally liable for the confusion that prevails because he had failed to inform and educate the partner about the pain points. If the partner had been informed about it at the earlier stage, they would have paid more attention to the details.

What the outsourcing partner would have to do is to organize for some examples, FAQs and cases with some pilot work already done so that rework on simple features can be avoided and more focus can be given for crucial outputs and further enhancement of the business. We should also liaise with the partner throughout the project, keeping them in touch with the progress of the work.

One best way to get good result is to review the work regularly while the project is ongoing, rather than just the quality check at the end. This ensures that if there are any errors or faults it would be fixed at the beginning thus cutting down on the need for a re-work after assignment completion.

You can also share or talk about past experiences, so that the outsourced partner will get to know about your nature of work at the outset. Thus, we can conclude with the decision that it is best to share the all the relevant information and data at the outset. Even if a bit time consuming, it will benefit at a later period, thus getting you 100% attention from your outsourcing partner.


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