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Tips on regular transcription mistakes that needs to be avoided

Published: Aug 24th, 2017

Tips on regular transcription mistakes that needs to be avoided

Transcription services, as you may know is fast becoming a crucial aspect for businesses in industries such as legal, medical or even for academics or other business conferences. Especially, the medical records and court proceedings have the need for transcription services that also focus on verifying accuracy, veracity, and precision or authenticity of the data.

However, you will see that some silly mistake or the other could be detrimental to the accuracy and precision of the transcription services. Let’s take a look here at what they are:

Transcription mistakes to avoid

  • Audio sent without checking the sound:- The transcriber has to be really careful about the legibility of the sound and will need to make sure that the sound is clear and loud enough to be heard properly. If there is any lack of legibility in the audio, it could affect the accuracy of the transcription services.

  • Lack of support documentation and research:- Some of the transcriptions like for legal or medical industries would require the transcriptionist to use some highly technical jargon or the other which needs some background knowledge. Hence, it would be good if support documents for the same are provided before commencing the project. Lack of this could lead to some error while transcribing legal or medical documents.

  • Trying to save money with cheaper services:- You may have seen various transcription service providers quoting varied charges, most of which is based on the quality of service provided. Don’t go with cheap options just to save money, as the quality of service delivered may not be good enough. Hence, many seek value for money with excellent quality services offered at cost effective rates.

  • Misspelling some names or words:- Now, some words even if they spell alike may however sound different and also signify different meanings. Words like “its” (denoting possessive usage) or “it’s” (signifying the short form for “it is”) could be an example. If we go with the wrong usage, the meaning of the entire sentence would be changed, thus affecting the accuracy of transcription services.

  • Giving an unreasonable deadline:- Now, you are well aware that for a transcription to be accurate or precise, it would need you to pay attention for some time to ensure that you have got all the facts right. To deliver the required and quality services while focusing on accuracy and precision may take some time. Hence, do not speed up the services, as it could only cause more errors.

Key Takeaway: Now, you can see here that streamlined transcription services are required and certain factors could be the cause for errors. Hence, these are best avoided to maintain the accuracy and precision of the services.


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