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Tips to Ensure Your Transcription Services are Accurate

Published: Jan 16th, 2018

Tips to Ensure Your Transcription Services are Accurate

As the access to outsourced transcription services are on the rise, along with the demand for it, you find that each and every competitor in the industry is making the most of one particular aspect, such as each transcription services claim that they deliver accurate services. Accuracy in transcription services, indeed a very crucial aspect for any business.

Some would claim “99% accuracy”, while other would promise “highest degree of accuracy” for transcription services, rendered. This could be the companies catering to the customer expectations, for sure, but one cannot rule out that it could be a reflection of their services, as well.

Now, we are all well aware that transcript normally represents a conversation, an interview or a presentation, done accurately as possible. At the same time, one cannot just expect the outsourcing partner to be solely responsible for the accuracy of transcription services, but the client is also equally liable.

Meanwhile, let us take a look at some tips on how to deliver an accurate transcript:

  • Make sure that the recording is of good quality: You have to ensure that the equipment or machinery that is being used will deliver the best or very clear recording of the conference, meeting minutes or presentation. This is because; you very well know that there is very little you can do, once the event is completely transcribed. If you outsource to skilled professionals, you can expect quality service. However, even then for high degree of accuracy, the transcribed file has to be very clear and legible.

  • It is good to review the file, before you ask for quotations: Well, it always pays to be fully aware of what you would be working on. It would also help you to prevent requests for any unfeasible level of quality or precision. At the same time, seeing as how you mostly work on tight turnaround time (TAT), there is no point in wasting precious time, debating about the quality of the file.

  • Have in place a very realistic turnaround time: One thing to consider most is “if you would like it done fast or would you rather have it done right?” If you outsource the service, you can expect a level of professionalism and they will also have the skills and resources to have it done right, with very fast turnaround time (TAT). However, if you reach out to them with an “I wanted it done yesterday” approach, you can well expect a hefty pricing and quite possible quality might suffer, on your “hurry with the delivery’ insistence.

  • Be well aware of your expectation: As soon as your outsourcing partner takes a look at the source file, you can be all set to go. The services a professional service provider delivers vary from clean transcripts to verbatim transcripts, summary transcripts etc. It is for the client to know the kind of service they require and have an agreement in place for the same, with the service provider. Once the service provider and the client is on the same page, about the client expectations and goals, you can expect quality and accurate service.

  • Make sure you have the suitable partner for a job: Well, you might know it already but to reaffirm the fact, if a client is from a specific industry and the source file is full of jargons or technical terminologies, you should look at hiring not the most cost effective services, but in outsourcing to a professional service provider who has the skills and expertise in dealing with the particular industry specific transcription projects, thus ensuring quality service. Some of the services such as medical, legal, insurance, or academic transcriptions are better delivered by industry specific transcriptionists. The cost could well be competitive and one may not expect to find it at cheap rates, however, you need not worry over the quality of accuracy of service, ever being compromised.

Key Takeaway: This tells you that by following these useful tips on transcription services, you can ensure that you get quality service, with emphasis on quick TAT and accuracy. Same ways, you could also outsource to a reliable and efficient professional service provider who will help you to achieve your expectations and goals, very quickly at highly competitive rates.


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