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Tips to follow while writing Product Description

Published: Dec 19th, 2017

Tips to follow while writing Product Description

Product description is also an important aspect of ecommerce companies. It is often seen that if the product description is written poorly, or does not convey the proper meaning, customers may get frustrated and leave the site, without making any purchase. Hence, it needs to be unique, interesting and very effectively written.

Even if your product is interesting, you could still lose customers because of badly written product description. Hence, it is considered as a significant aspect for most online ecommerce stores. A customer shopping online often relies on product description to give them proper details of the item, since they don’t have the facility to touch or feel the product.

Make sure that your product descriptions are unique and interesting, while also easy to understand. You could outsource product description writing services to a professional service provider, to get best results.

Here, we will have a look at some tips on writing effective and interesting product descriptions:

  • Ensure if you have expertise in writing: Every company before they begin writing their product descriptions should consider if they can write well. In case, they lack the skill or manpower with the expertise in product description writing, it is best to outsource the services. Also, make sure to review the descriptions to ensure it is accurate, giving proper and complete information about the product, while also being interesting and unique to read. See, how different it is from competitor sites.

  • Ensure if you have proper understanding of your audience: Identify your target customers, at first. This, in fact greatly influences the way in which you write the product descriptions. Best way to do this, is to create user personas representing the customers to the site, thus making it possible for the company to understand the target customers, their preferences and buying habits, thus ensuring that the product descriptions they write will cater to the customer requirements. Some customer may prefer just simple product information that is easy to scan, while others may be seeking in-depth data on the products, they wish to buy. To cater to this, you could write first short description, with the link given for more in-depth description.

  • Determine, which ecommerce Platform, you plan to use: While writing product description, you will have to consider the fact that style and standard of writing would vary with the ecommerce platform being used. The length of the paragraph, as well as the images being used, or other features such as the colours, size, fonts used etc., will differ for each platform. Some may have built-in SEO features, so that the Meta descriptions for your product descriptions are automatically created or you may have to enter optimized Meta descriptions.

Key Takeaway: Hence, the best choice if you are unable to write unique and engaging product descriptions is to outsource to a reliable and efficient professional service provider who will comply with these tips, so that they deliver quality product descriptions for your ecommerce stores, thus inspiring your customers to make the purchase. They help you to design and execute a very effective product strategy.


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