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Tips to generate leads using web data mining

Published: Nov 14th, 2017

Tips to generate leads using web data mining

A lead could be anyone, an expected or potential customer who may have shown some interest in the service or product of a business. Meanwhile, data mining is the most cost effective marketing method used by many businesses to generate leads or even create mailing lists.

Here, we will see how data mining helps to create email data base and also to generate leads:

How to create email lists?

Email marketing is one method, which, is used by most businesses to reach out to their potential or targeted customers. Many may also abstain from it, as they may not be too certain about the credibility of the emails they have with them. Hence, here data mining plays a significant role in delivering the accurate, complete and valid email ids.

Both online data mining as well as offline data mining can be used for this purpose. In online data mining process, thorough research is done of the varied web resources, such as blogs, social media, websites, mailing lists etc. Meanwhile, for offline data mining, the data is extracted from documented data sources such as from tax records of properties or other official documents etc.

However, one thing to realize is that the emails and other details required have to be cleansed and validated before it could be used, as there could be possibilities of emails being no more active, duplication issues, missing information, small errors, wrong emails etc. In case, these erroneous ids are used, the emails may return or bounce back. Hence, there is need for data cleansing, either manually or using software.

Meanwhile, also take a look to see on how to create the target email list. Once, you have given details such as the industry, profession etc., of your target audience, a trustworthy and efficient outsourcing partner will be able to provide you with an effective email list via their blog articles or white papers, where the “opt-in forms complying with CAN-SPAM Act provisions, helps to generate emails.

Web data mining tools that help generate leads

Since, we have already established that data mining helps generate leads; here we will take a look at some tools that help in this process.

Software to download website content: The software is used to download web content from the web pages to a hard drive, so that you can access the information at a later date.

Software to extract text: This enables users to mine data conveniently from multiple websites at the same time, in quick speed, delivering accurate text data results.

Data Grab Program: It searches through varied websites or databases for some particular data, which could help to generate leads.

Article or website scraper: Helps to extract tailored information from the web, using an automated system to separate the relevant valid data from the huge volume available.

Other methods used to generate leads via web

  • Use social media, where most of the potential or target customers normally spend time

  • Many potential customers are driven to our websites via referrals

  • An effective blog normally drives customers to the website

  • Newsletters help to touch base with the customers on regular basis

  • Interesting webinars helps generate leads


Key Takeaway: Here, you can see how data mining from offline or online resources helps businesses to create effective mailing lists, helping to generate leads, thus reaching out to potential customers. This could also result in target audience, responding to a product or service, driving profit for the business.


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