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Tips to improve data quality with manual data entry services

Published: Sep 28th, 2017

Tips to improve data quality with manual data entry services

Data is a crucial aspect for most businesses to derive interesting and informative marketing campaigns, based on informed insights. However, it is still neglected to some extent, because sorting out relevant and valid data from the available huge volume can be time consuming and daunting. For this reason, you might find that most businesses are often plagued with bad quality data.

At the same time, you can see how to capitalize on data, so that businesses can streamline their operations and improve performance, by following the below given tips:

  • Focus should be on capturing relevant and valid data from printed and typewritten documents without compromising on its accuracy, and entering the details in a preferred file format like Word, Excel, Access, etc.

  • You would need to manually key in information for data capture, data entry and indexing precisely and without any errors.

  • You would need to process and analyze raw, unstructured or semi- structured data from company reports, paper invoices, forms or financial documents and enter the details focusing on precision, even as you ensure that it is available in easily accessible multiple formats.

  • Employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools and technology to extract data from handwritten, typed or even printed documents

  • Make use of manual double keying or double data entry process so that you can authenticate and validate data accuracy and precision

  • Enter the information found in the data labels in suitable file format

  • Make sure to run regular quality checks so that you can ensure complete data accuracy

  • Use multilingual manual data entry services to key in data in various languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Italian, etc.

  • Extract and process data from huge volumes of survey forms or questionnaires using manual data entry services

  • Input data entry into excel spreadsheet, thus making it easily accessible and retrievable, as and when required.

  • Outsource to a professional manual data entry service provider for quality service delivered within time

Key Takeaway: Thus, you can see here how considering these tips and opting to outsource to a professional can help businesses with quality data entry services with focus on accuracy and timeliness, thus ensuring businesses a competitive edge.


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