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Tips to Speed Up Medical Claims Payments

Published: Jan 9th, 2018

Tips to Speed Up Medical Claims Payments

Are you looking to get you insurance claims paid on time? If so, have a look at some of the tips given.

Claims submission and getting paid on time are fraught with mistakes or fault, normally. This could be the reason that insurance companies are now using electronic submission or billing software and so on. Nevertheless, there are still instances when the medical claim payments are delayed.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that needs to be followed to speed up the medical billing process, this allows for medical claims to be submitted on time and also to speed up the payment process.

  • Electronic Process: You could use electronic process to send your claims to the billing systems. This also helps you to optimize on the advantages, other than just speed. You can use electronic charge capture solution or EHR, thus minimizing the faults that may arise, while coding, thus increasing the accuracy rate.

  • Clean up the claims: Make use of or employ some billing management system, which will help to clean up the claims, before they are submitted. It helps you to identify issue, if any, so that you can rectify it before resubmission of the claims. If this is done it will help to increase the number of claims that are correctly done.

  • Keep an eye on the claims after the submission: If you have already submitted the claims, you will also need to identify issues, if any crop up and rectify these on time. Claims are such that it needs proper scrutiny and even despite everything, there could still be things that you miss, leading to some error that could deter the timely payment of medical claims. If you are aware that a claim, would normally be paid off within a specific time, but yours have not been addressed so far, then it obviously is time for you to look into the reason for it.

Key Takeaway: From all this, one thing that clearly stand apart is the fact with the mixture of technology and simplified processes, the medical claims are more cleaned up, free of errors, also enabling you to look deep into any issues that could crop up mid-way, so that you can rectify it before submitting the claims. At the same time, if you lack the tools or billing system to ensure a speedy procedure for medical claims payments, then I guess it is time to look at outsourcing the service to a professional.


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