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The W’s of Transcription Services decoded

Published: Feb 6th, 2018

The W’s of Transcription Services decoded

When my mother was a stenographer in the late 60s, she used to transcribe what her boss dictated, on a piece of paper with a language known to stenographers as ‘shorthand’; which was an advance skill taught at that time! With the introduction of cassette tapes and portable recorders to the general public in the late 70s, transcription became much easier and new possibilities for transcribing emerged.

The technological advancement in the 21st century has made it possible to provide Transcription Services that guarantee 99% accurate transcription of any said material within the assigned time!

What are Transcription Services?

A transcription service is a service, which offers to convert speech into written or digital text document. So, transcription basically involves listening to a recording of various scenarios, like a business meeting, court hearings, etc. and typing the conversation or proceedings into a document, which is then returned to the original parties involved.

Where is Transcription Services Necessary?

Transcription services are often provided and used for business, legal, or medical purposes.

  • Business Transcriptions: In any growing business, it is an obvious fact that there will be business meetings, conferences, seminars and interviews. These meetings should be documented from the logical and practical point of view of any business management. A business cannot take risk with undocumented deals and word of mouth promises. With business transcriptions, an organization has a backing of digital and hard copy of any changes made in a meeting or even validation of any agreement made.

  • Medical Transcriptions: With growing healthcare facilities all around the globe, comes the necessity to maintain a proper and up-to-date medical records of patients which may be useful in future treatments, diagnosis and also insurance claims, which can be perfectly done with the help of medical transcription services. Transcription of audio recordings into a well-documented and accurate thesis by scientists is another proof of good transcription.

  • Legal Transcriptions: You may be aware of a court-reporter or even seen one in person (the person who sits below the bench of the judge). A Court-reporter transcribes the entire proceedings of a court when a hearing is in order. This is done so as to record each and every statements made by the attorneys, witnesses and the judge at the proceedings. With these transcriptions, any legal complication or lawsuits can be avoided.

Why should a Business use Transcription Services?

Many factors make up a transcription service among which a few are listed below to be the deciding factors in a business:

  • To maintain professionalism in their business.

  • Avoid miscommunication among different parties involved.

  • Documentation of any agreement or changes implemented.

  • Legal Proof to avoid any unnecessary complications or lawsuits.

Key Takeaway: With Transcription services, it is very important that any outsourcing service provider ensures utmost security to the data being shared during this process. Training your experts to show sensitivity to such data and keeping it safe is the duty of a responsible service provider. At Outsource Dataworks, we maintain the fact that our customer’s data is to be handled with top priority and security and the same is followed by our team of experts. For more information and queries about our services connect with us today.


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