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Why Publishing Houses use Photo Editing Techniques

Published: Feb 22nd, 2018

Why Publishing Houses use Photo Editing Techniques

A brighter sky , flawless clouds, elegant and greener grass - The practice of retouching, which was earlier confined to fashion spreads and advertisements, has become much more common on editorial photographs too. In recent years Photoshop has been given a bad reputation as to have altered the image to an unrealistic form by a few users. Originally Photoshop was used for routine tasks like sizing and cropping images, reducing noise or adding sharpness, adjusting saturation, masking, compositing, and dropping out elements like backgrounds.

Photo Editing is an art of altering images, whether they are digital, traditional or illustrations. In publishing houses, the cover of the product that they advertise is what determines the fate of the product. Hence it becomes crucial to ensure that the product is showcased in the best possible way.

A few reasons why publishing houses use Photo Editing techniques are:

  • Reducing Noise: Noise in a picture is basically graininess or speckles in a photograph which causes it to loose clarity. It can be produced by the sensor and circuitry of a digital camera when fashion shoots are done in low light. By using the ‘Reduce Noise Filter’ in Photoshop, these noises can be eliminated and a clear image can be obtained which enhances the overall look of the photo.

  • Background Removal/Correction: Many a times, fashion and other high end publishing houses have a photo-shoot done in a room with no background (green screen photography) and backgrounds are digitally added later. This can be done with special photo editing techniques. Various edits and corrections can also be made with photo editing which would otherwise hamper the overall beauty of the picture.

  • Make-up and Beauty Correction: A controversial point in recent times related photo editing is the use of, or rather the overuse of make-up and retouches done on the models body! The blotches done by overusing Photoshop is not something which is hidden from the general public, thanks to social media! It is necessary that the people who handle the photo editing for a publication house is well aware of the perils of over doing his work , it is best to keep the retouches if necessary to the minimal and not in a way that it leaves the subject/model totally unrecognizable.

  • Resizing and Cropping: Another major reason why photo editing is requires is for the resizing of photos according to the magazine or book layout, photo editing is also used to crop and cut images as per requirement.

  • Adding Brand Promotions: By using photo editing tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, Radlab, etc. you can add additional images or features on the main image in order to integrate your brand and give your advertisement a boost.

  • Color Correction: Many a times, cameras do not pick up the lights as well as you would like it to, causing the processed image color to be a deviation from the original, in such cases, photo editing tools help bring out the best in the image.

Key Takeaway: At Outsource Dataworks, we have professional and talented team of photo editing experts who can give the right touch to make your products look attractive and appealing. We offer customized photo editing solutions to publishing houses, portrait studios, real estate companies, eCommerce stores, photographers and advertising agencies. Get in touch with us or take our free trial today.


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